National Retail Jeweler Cuts Costs by More Than $1.2M

CHALLENGES... overview

A nationwide retail jeweler with multiple brands and thousands of locations lacked a standardized approach to contain telecom costs. They desired a single platform that would provide billing clarity and bring carrier accountability.

Challenges specific to this customer included:

  • Over 2,000 locations spread across 7 brands
  • Multiple bills per location from LECs & LD/Data Provider
  • Measured usage driving variable costs out of control

BEST PRACTICES... deep dive analytics

Through Simplify’s deep dive analytics, identified the location and status of every one of this customer’s 10,000+ POTS lines. Combing through thousands of bills, Simplify found that summary bills had made it impossible to drill down to a per-line, or in many cases, a per-location billing detail.

RESULTS... implementation

Simplify was able to provide a solution that eliminated unnecessary charges and invoices, while providing a single platform, Advocate, to manage their telecom inventory.

  • Consolidated over 3,000 invoices to only 5
  • Converted 10,000+ POTS lines
  • Leveraged voice savings to buy data network
  • Provided annual savings in excess of $1.2 Million

OUTCOME... lifecycle management

Simplify’s accountable approach during implementation provided a foundation for best-practices Lifecycle Management resulting in a clean inventory and unprecedented carrier accountability.