Lifecycle Support

How involved do you want us to be?

You and your team will dictate how you see Simplify partnering with you to best support your team and initiatives for the complete life cycle of your account. Whether it's staff augmentation, technology changes, bandwidth upgrades or new products or services, our strategic support team will expand or contract to fit your needs over time. Simplify offers options for a Limited, Partial or Fully Engaged model.

Limited Engagement

You have a full team of IT support staff that can maintain your account through the years. You don’t need assistance with ticketing, projects, inventory, billing audits, etc. You look to Simplify primarily for industry expertise in strategic IT planning and procurement. Even with limited engagement you are afforded our proprietary web application, Advocate, that can assist your team with innovative tools and process guidance.

Partial Engagement

Your team is fully prepared to handle day-to-day vendor management using Advocate. You look to Simplify as an escalation point. You have access to Simplify’s leverage power with the carriers to escalate issues to resolution. We will also engage at your request to assist with inventory clean up, contract management, or any other area where we can add value.

Full Engagement

You want to take advantage of the full extent of Simplify’s disciplined processes, staff and online tools. Simplify will earn a position as a CIO’s trusted advisor to ensure that every dollar spent is maximized to meet your critical business objectives. You direct where we focus our efforts in areas like ticket resolution, project management, inventory control, bill audits, SLA management or even custom CIO dashboards to stay on top of every detail.

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