What Simplify Offers

Simplify is a team of industry insiders driven to make the impossibly complex business reality of large corporations become simpler, more cost effective and completely transparent. The ultimate goal: help you leverage the industry for your benefit with a best-practices approach from initial strategy through implementation and on into daily service maintenance and ongoing improvement.

The Simplify Process has a few key themes that put you in the driver’s seat while Simplify does most of the heavy lifting.

Deep Dive

Your involvement in this is simply to get us the bills and our analytics team will do the rest.

Collaborative Strategy

As our team presents findings based on the Deep Dive, it’s time for your team to choose the scope of the next steps.

Accountable Execution

Our team is fully engaged during the provisioning process. Micro managing carrier milestones to ensure your projects are completed on time.

Lifecycle Support

You’re in control! It’s your choice how engaged Simplify remains once the solution is turned up.

The Simplify Process

The process starts with a no cost, no obligation Deep Dive Analysis. The level of detail in our analysis report is unparalleled and allows our team to collaborate with your team on the Collaborative Strategy for your short and long term goals, taking into account new technologies and current pain points to offer a menu of potential solutions and associated costs. We do the work, you make the decision. Once the direction is given, our team will perform the Accountable Execution, micromanaging the transition. Ultimately, the level of Simplify engagement is determined by you. Lifecycle Support will be tailored to your specific needs and desires and will provide you the support you expect where you dictate.