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Finally, Simplify works with you to determine the best strategy for supporting your team for the complete life cycle. Whether you are short on staff, technology or bandwidth, our strategic support team will expand or contract to fit your needs over time.

Best practices approach
Simplify’s business model rewards customer retention and creates a long-standing partnership that allows us to provide industry guidance on the sales side for clients we support through the life of the contract. When it is time to add lines and adjust, you start off and end with best practices.

Life cycle support
Would a carrier rep recommend a competitive carrier’s service and then provide technical, administrative and billing support for it for free for the life of the service? That’s Simplify’s model for helping you manage the life of your service. Vendor neutral—Advocate managed. That means you call the shots and the carriers are built around you—for the complete life-cycle.

Custom strategic support team
Simplify’s custom strategic support team can help you where you need it. Our life-cycle management is customized to the specific needs of your organization.



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