We work in a fish bowl.
Next, Simplify prepares the inventory for migration. This is where Advocate, Simplify’s technology platform, shines. Each micro-step of the carrier and your Simplify Universal Account Team is laid out in advance and executed with complete transparency. With down-to-the-minute reporting, you will see the complete inner-workings of the carriers as they perform against your change orders. Unlike anything you have ever seen, Simplify moves the projects forward with full disclosure.

See-through technology
Instead of coordinating full life cycle communications through Excel spreadsheets and email, Simplify’s vendor management portal (Advocate) provides transparent oversight of what every vendor is doing with your account.

Dashboard heaven
With advanced metrics and reporting, you have a real-time window into the actions on your inventory.

Single point of contact

With a single point of contact for all services, nothing slips through the cracks—ensuring any critical dates, common obstacles or service changes are accounted for without an ounce of blame-shifting.

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