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Once again, Simplify is encouraging you to catch the spirit of Generosity this Christmas Season! In your Christmas gift box, you had an envelope with $50 cash with the charge to give it away. This is a great way to involve your family and kids in the true spirit of Christmas: that giving is way more fun than getting!

Make it a family activity to find new opportunities and creative ways to give!

After you give your $50 away, and we'll give you another $25 to give again. The hope on the second round is that you will match the $25 we give you with $25 of your own.

Post your story to the site here, and we'll put it up for Simplify folks to enjoy.

You can visit the I Like website to see the latest stories of this movement of generosity!

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Monday, December 16, 2013 10:11 AM

I Like Seniors

Monday, December 16, 2013 10:11 AM
Monday, December 16, 2013 10:11 AM

While shopping at wonderful Walmart, I watched an older woman barely able to walk pushing a cart and shopping she had very little in her cart.

I know how seniors struggle.  I had put the money in a Christmas card .  I ask the cashier to give it to her after I left, prior to her paying for her items.

The cashier looked at me oddly but as I walked away I saw her give it to the lady.

I have been going to get my nails done at a little salon by my house for a couple of years and in the beginning I noticed a young boy who would never say anything but just sit and watch his sister as she did nails.  As time went on, I learned his mother and father moved him here from Vietnam to work in his sisters salon.   I figured out he did not know any English and his sister would translate in Vietnamese.  As the months passed he started catching onto a few words.  This young man would help his sister in anyway at the salon and by taking care of her kids.


It has now been two years and he has thrived.  He can speak complete sentences, works 7 days a week to help his family and goes to our local community college for English classes.  He just saved up enough money to go back to Vietnam this Christmas to see his family for a whole month. 


I decided giving to Ye was how I was going to give.  He is a model of what all young men in today’s society should be.

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