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Once again, Simplify is encouraging you to catch the spirit of Generosity this Christmas Season! In your Christmas gift box, you had an envelope with $50 cash with the charge to give it away. This is a great way to involve your family and kids in the true spirit of Christmas: that giving is way more fun than getting!

Make it a family activity to find new opportunities and creative ways to give!

After you give your $50 away, and we'll give you another $25 to give again. The hope on the second round is that you will match the $25 we give you with $25 of your own.

Post your story to the site here, and we'll put it up for Simplify folks to enjoy.

You can visit the I Like website to see the latest stories of this movement of generosity!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014 1:27 PM

I Like McDonalds

Thursday, January 2, 2014 1:27 PM
Thursday, January 2, 2014 1:27 PM

It was Christmas Eve, my family and I had just been to see the movie Frozen and the weather in Tulsa was literally Frozen as well. We had stopped by McDonald's for a quick lunch, we would be going off to Nana's house later that day for a big Christmas meal, filled with lots of family, laughs, hugs, and of course presents; as we sat there eating I noticed a homeless man came in and sat down to warm up. I knew this man was homeless as I've seen him many times before, he lives under a bridge near my home. I see him often and he's been weighing on my heart for some time now. I've often wanted to help this man but never really had the courage to approach him. I knew right away when I saw him walk in McDonalds that day that God was speaking to me and saying "ok Amy, I'll make it easy for you, here he is right within arms reach, you're husband is with you, and you're in a safe place so go approach him and help him." So as we were leaving I walked up to him and said Hello and that Santa asked me to give him something. I wished him a Merry Christmas as I gave him the $50. He said "Thank you, thank you, thank you" as I quickly walked away. I noticed as we were leaving that the man had walked back up to the counter and was ordering him something to eat. I felt really good knowing he would not go hungry on Christmas and was hopeful he could find a place to stay the night and get off the streets at least for Christmas night. I will continue to find ways I can help this man and others in need, I feel very blessed and thankful that I've never once had to miss a meal or know what it's like to not have a bed to sleep on, or roof over my head. I told this story to my Mom, and she mentioned that her co-worker Michelle has a Uncle that is homeless and lives under a bridge somewhere near me, so it might be him that I helped. Her friend's uncle had lost a child years ago and after that happened he just fell into major depression, lost everything and went homeless. It's crazy how small of a world we live in, you never know who you might be helping or when you maybe hoping that someone else will be kind enough to help you!

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