Your Telecommunications Checklist for Acquiring New Locations
Wednesday, August 14, 2019 5:09 PM

Your Telecommunications Checklist for Acquiring New Locations

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 5:09 PM
Wednesday, August 14, 2019 5:09 PM

One of the most tedious challenges for a large multisite corporation is ensuring that each new location they add is individually optimized when it comes to telecommunications and, at the same time, easily managed and inventoried by the corporate offices. In our analysis of the tens of thousands of locations that we serve, new location start ups often bring contract confusion, inefficient spending, and standard misalignment on a routine basis. We have put together a checklist that helps support a best practices approach to on-boarding a new location and ensuring that it creates both localized and corporate success.



  • Gather the location details into a centralized inventory
  • Evaluate your alternative service options
  • Consider your system requirements (bandwidths, IP addresses, carriers, LECs, TNs, circuit IDs)

Existing Contracts (if applicable)

  • Inventory all of your existing contracts
  • Understand and document contract dates, auto-renewal dates, early termination fees, and commitments

Consistent Customer/User Experience

  • Test to ensure that the telecom services at each location provide your customers and internal users with a consistent experience

Bandwidth and Utilization

  • Perform bandwidth testing at each location to ensure readiness to support your usage and applications
  • Identify which circuits are over or under-utilized

Cost Optimization and Budgeting

  • Gather detailed costs for services
  • Compare to quotes from other providers to identify savings opportunities
  • Work with Finance and Accounting to update budgets

Solidified Contracts

  • Do a cross analysis of your alternative prices and contract details
  • Develop a quick list of all of your contract dates, auto-renewal dates, early termination fees, and commitments

Disconnect Unneeded Services

  • Review contract terms to understand any early termination fees or commitments
  • Submit disconnects with service providers and follow up to ensure the services stop billing

Orders, Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects Already in Progress

  • Identify what changes are already in progress
  • Decide if any orders should be cancelled
  • Implement a way to capture the resulting inventory changes in your inventory system

Change of Ownership

  • Without a change of ownership with the service provider, your organization will have a more difficult time managing the voice and data services you have acquired
  • Some services cannot be installed until the ownership of physical buildings is established

Billing and Telecom Expense Management

  • Change billing addresses
  • If you use a TEM, ensure all new bills are processed by the TEM


  • Provide your helpdesk with updated inventories
  • Train helpdesk team members on new services and locations


  • Gather login credentials for carrier portals, router access, etc.

Call Routing

  • Adjust call routing, messages, and call forwarding to ensure your customers enjoy a seamless experience


Acquisitions create opportunities for increased revenue and profit for organizations. Timely and expert execution is critical because without it, the opportunities become risks and exposures.  Because of the intense, short-term spike in workload and expertise required, IT leaders may find third party guidance, advocacy, and tools useful during the telecommunications integration process.

All of the services above are part of the day to day operations that Simplify provides on behalf of its large multi location clients. Our network operations center runs 24/7 to help ensure complete accountability and optimized efficiency for the entire process. If you’re looking for a partner to help support you with your telecommunications optimization across any or all of your locations, reach out to us today.

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