Accountable Execution®

Achieving a smooth and successful transformation of the IT infrastructure of a large enterprise requires micro-management of a myriad of moving parts. Simplify's Project Management Team will be fully engaged for the heavy lifting. Each microstep of the provider's process is laid out in advance and executed through each predetermined milestone with complete transparency. Instead of communicating updates through Excel spreadsheets and email, Simplify's vendor management application (Advocate) provides a transparent view of what every vendor is doing with your account. You are in control and can see real time tracking against anchored milestones as Simplify shepherds work on your behalf.


Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

Execution with a single point of contact for all services and an application that prompts for attention at each milestone ensures nothing slips through the cracks. Your Simplify project manager directs the smooth implementation of new services, but also directs the final disconnect (and confirmation of cease of billing) of existing services, a task that providers usually leave to customers to handle on their own. Critical dates, common obstacles, service changes and more are accounted for without the common blame shifting or finger pointing.

Turn Up / Turn Down

Simplify's disciplined approach doesn't stop at getting new services turned up. We make sure that old services are shut down, documenting every disconnect to ensure you are only paying for the services you are using.

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