Deep Dive Analytics

The Deep Dive Analytics process provides a current, comprehensive snapshot of your enterprise voice services, data connectivity, data center services and cloud computing. Simplify Analysts do this by literally dissecting all related invoices and bills. We unpack all inventory, line item charges, hidden fees, taxes and surcharges to calculate actual costs and evaluate your spend allocation. Our proprietary process compares your costs and services to industry standards for your space to provide go forward options for your team to consider. We do the work, you make the decision.

Collaborative Strategy

We leverage our industry expertise on your behalf with the service providers to ensure you get the best pricing and most favorable contract terms. Simplify will collaborate with you to develop a strategy road map that fits your organizational goals and addresses your pain points. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to how to re-invest the average 22% savings normally found during the Deep Dive Analytics.

We Do the Work,
You Make the Decision

Simplify’s disciplined processes are scalable to address your unique position and help you maximize the strategic impact technology has on your organization. Whether it’s short-term wins or long-term transformation, Simplify will earn a position as a trusted advisor, ensuring the solution you select becomes reality.

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